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About Us!

Narang Healthcare is an Internationally Renowned Manufacturer & Exporter of Hospital Furniture, Medical Equipment & Orthopaedic Implants based out in India.

Company is committed to abiding by the highest quality standards and to exclusively marketing excellent products in order to guarantee each and every patient the opportunity to regain the best possible quality of life.

Specifically Known in the field of Hospital Medical Furniture, Equipment & Orthopaedic Implant production through its Distribution ship network company is having presence in more than 75 Countries Across the Globe Narang Healthcare offers established expertise in Medical Devices and Orthopaedic Implants


Quality Assurance

All of the products we manufacture are used to improve the lives of many patients and, as such, the quality of each and every product must be beyond reproach. Our entire staff is perfectly aware of the final use of our products and they all strive to apply the highest possible quality standards and to abide by the regulatory requirements that govern our specific sector.

Our Vision

At Narang Healthcare, the principle of client focus determines the pertinence of each and every action we undertake. Our aim is to enable our clients to stand out from the crowd in their own markets, by offering them an optimized development platform.

To deliver the best possible customer service, excellent quality and the most advanced products. Narang Healthcare policy is simply to be “Brilliant by Quality”. We want to be the automatic supplier of first choice to our key customers by providing them with the best products and a personal service.

Customer Satisfaction

In everything we do, not only do we strive to offer a solution for the issue in question, but we also Endeavour to create the foundations that will ensure our long-term success. Rather than contenting ourselves with instant success stories, we believe this approach, which requires a great deal of commitment, courage and perseverance, to be the best policy.

OEM Manufacturing

At Narang Healthcare, our commitment to flexibility includes adding your company’s brand or special markings to specific components or packaging elements, providing a complete range of products which we offer, and bringing everything together with complete packaging options.

Our breadth of products and customization capabilities has made Narang Healthcare OEM a preferred supplier for many of the largest, well-respected medical device manufacturers around the world. Narang Healthcare OEM offers our partners the unique opportunity to more efficiently design a device or component for your new or existing project. Customers begin with the Narang Healthcare catalog containing thousands of field-proven medical products and equipment, and work with our dedicated OEM engineering team to customize these devices to your specific project needs.

The bottom line is that we can be as flexible as you need us to be to meet your most demanding needs.

For more information or if you are interested in forging an OEM relationship with Narang Healthcare, please write to