Hospital and Medical Furniture Are Available at Narang Healthcare!

No one is willing to spend their time in the hospital still unhealthy diets and other factors lead us to get treatment in hospital for some medical health issues. Narang healthcare offers various range of hospital furniture and medical coaches at competitive pricing. Be it private hospitals and government hospitals, one can find numerous furniture. We are offering a manual, semi-automated and various sized beds and coaches for patients rest and physical examination by the doctors.

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The various type of furniture which is available at Narang healthcare in India are:

1. Bedside lockers: which is used to keep the food items, medicines, injections and other small stuff for the patients and family. Usually, 3-floor bedside lockers are used and bought at a high rate.
2. Examination coach: This one is made of iron or steel including cabinet to keep some medical accessories inside the coach. Usually, this is used to perform medical analysis and recommended physical examination.
3. Fowler Beds: various range of flower beds are available including mechanical general fowler beds, mechanical laminated panels, flower beds mechanical with ABS
Panel & Split Railing, Fowler Bed mechanical with ABS Panels.
4. ICU Beds: we do offer electric, automated and semi-automated beds to the patients who are suffering from the serious disease and problems. ICU beds are compatible for the ones who have undergone for a surgery. We make extra attention while manufacturing such beds.
5. Paediatric Beds: when it comes to infant and kids, normal sized beds will not be good for them. We do have a series of pediatric beds and infant baby crib.
6. Patient attendant beds: attendant beds with chairs are available with us at most competitive pricing.
7. Plain beds: general wards are in need of plain beds for normal and early discharge patients. These beds can also be used for the patient’s families.
8. Semi- flower beds: to offer comfort to the patients of ICU or general wards, semi-Fowler beds are compatible to offer more comfort. This facility the patients for sitting, eating and sleeping.
9. Trolleys: hospital always in needs of trolleys to serve the food from one place to another, dressing trolleys, monitor trolley, laparoscopic trolleys and many more.

Narang Healthcare has made a huge research so as to comfort the patients and their families thereof. Hospital owners and medical representatives may contact us at as we are renowned Hospital/ Medical Furniture Manufacturers in India.

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