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Narang India is one of the renowned manufacturer and suppliers of Anaesthesia products in India. Anesthesia is a kind of medicine which is given to the patients to make him unconscious. It is not necessarily to give it to make the patients completely unconscious, it can be partially given to numb the partial area. Anesthesia can be given in various ways such as injections, topical cream, powder, spray, pipes, capsule or other proven medical forms.

Our range of anesthesia products encompasses Suction, catheter and Oxygen Catheter etc which are made through the high quality of the products or raw material. These source of anesthesia products are safe and durable which are popular in the hospital and medical industry due to high-quality performance. Before delivering or supplying the anesthesia products, we make sure to test it various times at different environmental conditions. Prices of the anesthesia products will also vary according to the requirements and quality of material used.

Buy Anaesthesia Products from Narang Healthcare

With having a great team of researchers and experts, we are able to develop a various range of anesthesia products which are available in the market at various prices. To facilitate the clients, we make sure the timely delivery of the products so they don’t have to store at their place. Our expert will also offer a demo or trial session on the usage of the products. The motive of the session is to create awareness of the exact usage. The success is impeccable and we get the thousands of positive feedback from our doctor clients.

Administering the Anaesthesia is required for the doctor to do the medical intervention which is not possible without anesthesia. Pain and discomfort in the patients will never allow the doctors to perform the surgery successfully. The high-end quality of the medical products enables the doctor to perform the medical activities without any risk. International safety and guideline are also considered with the aim of safe treatment.

Our anesthesia products enable the doctors to produce the right amount of the anesthesia so as to offer a controlled unconsciousness stage, relaxation and muscle comfort. Be it a sports surgery, or pregnancy, our vast quality range of products will surely help the medical clients to treat the patients very well and successfully. At Narang India, we do offer various anesthesia products which are:-

  • Anaesthesia Machines
  • Artificial resuscitators
  • Circle absorber
  • Ventilators
  • Silicon Ambu Bag (Manual Resuscitator)
  • Humidifier Bottle
  • Guedel Airways
  • Rebreathing Bag
  • Silicon Anesthesia Face Mask
  • Oxygen Cylinder
  • Oxygen Cylinder Key
  • Oxygen Regulator
  • Lung Exerciser Speriometer
  • Oxygen Concentrators Steam Vaporizer
  • Humidifier Bottle with BPC Flow Meter
  • Ward Vacuum Unit
  • Reservoir Bag
  • Laryngoscopes

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