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Narang Healthcare offering various kinds of ICU beds to comfort the patients so that they could feel relax and rest. We do have a wide variety of semi-automated and manual ICU Beds available at different pricing. We do manufacture and supply the ICU Beds all across India in the medical industry.

Superior Grade raw material is procured from the certified vendors and quality testing is done to ensure the durability of the products. Find here Hi-Low ICU Bed, Manual ICU Bed, Mechanical ICU Bed and Intensive Care Bed. After sale maintenance services are provided so as to ensure the safety of the patients as electric ICU Beds need more attention.

Buy ICU Beds from Narang Healthcare

We at Narang healthcare offers the wide range of ICU beds which are specifically designed for the patients suffering from the various disease. Some beds are low in height, some may have the normal heights. Some are straight whereas some are foldable. All beds are designed so as to provide the extra comfort. We ensure the best of the quality and advanced technology of ICU beds in India. The quality and designs are matching the international standards. we are one of the leading fowler and semi fowler ICU beds manufacturer and Supplier in India who are thriving hard for the customer satisfaction.

3, 5, 7 function automatic hospitals beds, ICU beds, Portable Hospital Beds, Fully automatic Hospitals Beds are manufactured In-house by our competent professionals. These products are manufactured and designed using the premium grade of raw materials and hi-tech technology. Stainless steel or high-quality iron is used which is coated with the special thinner giving the smooth touch. We can offer you thousands of reason for choosing us as the ICU beds manufacturer and Suppliers In India which are:-

  • Our beds are designed with the backtest which will move up towards 80-degree angles giving the options to watch TVs and to have meals properly.
  • The lower section of the ICU beds is designed in a way to give a huge comfort to the legs of the patients. The lower section can be elevated to 40 degrees to avoid discomfort and pain.
  • Our beds are compatible for the patients who are suggested bed rest for a long time.
  • These beds can be used at home as well as the sexting are done while keeping in view the home facilities as well
  • Our automatic and semi-automatic beds come into adjustable height options so they can be compatible for all height of people.
  • After sales services are also offered to keep the life of the beds for too long.

Try our services first and give us a chance to offer you the best quality of Hospital ICU Beds in India.

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